Welcome to the official ForGetFul Bot privacy policy. In this document, we will cover what data we collect from you and your server when you use this bot. Data collection is essential to the bot’s functionality and is also intended to help keep our systems, bot, and our users safe from bad actors. A near-complete if not complete list of data that we collect will be covered here and reasons for why we collect them.


All data in ForGetFul is saved to be used in many commands such as the profile command where you can check out people's saved music, bot's badges, and their bio. All data can be removed if asked for it to be removed as we want to give every user a good time using ForGetFul, and data is very important for the bot to function perfectly. If you are curious about features on the bot or want your data to be removed, make sure to join the support server and DM @ForGetFul Support#6328 to make a ticket so you can directly talk to the developer.


On the configuration section of ForGetFul, every command there saves data for the server to use. This data is saved so events such as when someone joins or leaves the server, it can log it or send a message in chat saying such user joined/left. This data can easily be deleted once you kick the bot from your server.


The music section only has a couple commands that save data. These commands involve save command where you can save music to your personal playlist that can be played using playlist command. The command setdj is to set a DJ for music so they can bypass all votings when using the music commands.


Please keep in mind that this privacy policy may be updated frequently, so keep checking back on this document for more information. If you have any questions, please join our support server and ask in #bot-questions. Thank you for reading this document!