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Name Description Accessible
f!autobot Sets the server's bot auto role Mods/Admins
f!autodel Deletes every roles configuration Mods/Admins
f!automod Automod for deleting invites and banned words (Very sensitive for banned words) Mods/Admins
f!autorole Sets the server's autorole for users Mods/Admins
f!bannedwords Checks all banned word in this guild Mods/Admins
f!banslog Sets the server's ban channel Mods/Admins
f!banword Bans a word from being used in the automated automod. Mods/Admins
f!channellog Sets the server's log channel Mods/Admins
f!checkdisabled Checks all disabled commands in this guild Mods/Admins
f!cmdlist Checks all custom commands in this guild Mods/Admins
f!configadd Configs the server to use all Configuratioin commands Mods/Admins
f!configdremove Deletes Configs from the server Mods/Admins
f!createcmd Creates a custom command within a server. Mods/Admins
f!deletecmd Deletes a custom command within a server. Mods/Admins
f!deletelogs Deletes every logging configuration Mods/Admins
f!disable Disables a command from the guild to use Mods/Admins
f!editcmd Edits a custom command within a server. Mods/Admins
f!emojilog Sets the server's ban channel Mods/Admins
f!enable Enables a command for the guild to use Mods/Admins
f!memberlog Sets the server's member channel Mods/Admins
f!modlog Sets the server's modlog channel Mods/Admins
f!msglog Sets the server's log channel Mods/Admins
f!prefix Changes the prefix used for the bot Mods/Admins
f!rolelog Sets the server's role channel Mods/Admins
f!settings Shows configuration on the server Mods/Admins
f!unbanword Enables a command for the guild to use Mods/Admins
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Name Description Accessible
f!8ball 8ball, answers all of your questions Members
f!advice Gives good advfice to you Members
f!automeme Sends 1-25 images of hentai Members
f!bitcoin Shows the stock on bitcoin Members
f!cat Sends a picture of a cat. Members
f!dankmeme sends dankmemes Members
f!define Defines the certain word Members
f!emojify Emotes your text Members
f!firstmsg Shows the first message of a channel Members
f!flip flips text Members
f!flipcoin Flips a coin. Members
f!furryrate shows how furry you are lmao Members
f!gamer tests how good of a gamer you are Members
f!gayrate shows how gay you are Members
f!gender Guesses which gender you are Members
f!github Shows information on the github username Members
f!hexsearch Searches for the hex color Members
f!lmgtfy Google's the sentence because someone is lazy Members
f!meme Returns a Random Meme Members
f!mock mocks the sentence Members
f!onthisday Shows what happened on this day back in history. Members
f!quote sends a random quote Members
f!rate rates someone of a object Members
f!revtext reverses the text Members
f!roll roles dice Members
f!say bot repats your message Admin
f!scramble Scrambles your text and the command Members
f!synonyms Gives synonyms for the word Members
f!tmdb Searches any movie or TV series Members
f!torf True or False game Members
f!trumptweet Tweets out a message that looks like it came from trump Members
f!typetest See how fast you can type any amount of words in one minute with WPM involved. Members
f!urban uses urban disctionary for your message Members
f!waldo Try to find waldo Members
f!worldclock Shows the times from other countries Members
f!year Shows how far until next year comes Members
f!yomamma Tells you or another person a yomamma joke Members
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Name Description Accessible
f!achievement Minecraft achievement Members
f!amiajoke Sends a image with your pfp or someone else's pfp Members
f!backup backsup on text or you! Members
f!bird sends a birb picture Members
f!bongocat sends a bongocat Members
f!challenge Minecraft Challenge Members
f!clyde sends a image as clyde said it Members
f!confused sends a confused image Members
f!cry sends a crying image Members
f!didyoumean Sends a google image of the 'Did you mean' section Members
f!duck sends a duck picture Members
f!emoji Turns a emoji into a image Members
f!floor Sends a image with your or someone else's pfp with a sentence Members
f!fox Sends a fox picture Members
f!grave Puts your avatar in the grave Members
f!headbang sends a headbanging image Members
f!icon sends the server's picture Members
f!impostor Among Us Impostor Members
f!innocent Among Us Innocent Members
f!laugh sends a laughing image Members
f!lizard sends a lizard picture Members
f!magic sends a magic image Members
f!neko sends a random neko Members
f!notstonks Are your stonks down? Members
f!owo sends a owo image Members
f!phub Sends a picture of porn hub logo with your text. Members
f!reverse sends a rever conversation image Members
f!shibe Sends a shibe image Members
f!shocked sends a shocked image Members
f!stonks Are you stonks? Members
f!supreme Sends a image with text Members
f!tenor searches tenor for the query/argument Members
f!tweet Sends A Tweet Members
f!twirl sends a twirling image Members
f!wallpaper Sends a random wallpaper image Members
f!wink sends a winking image Members
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Name Description Accessible
f!boop boops someone Members
f!hug Hugs a user UwU Members
f!kill kills the user pinged Members
f!kiss kisses the user you pinged Members
f!nou no u's the pinged user Members
f!nuke nukes the pinged user Members
f!pat Pats the pinged user Members
f!poke Pokes a user UwU Members
f!ship tests if you and someone else is compatible Members
f!shutup tells someone to shutup Members
f!slap Slaps the user you ping Members
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Name Description Accessible
f!anal Sends anal Members
f!ass Self Explanatory Members
f!autohentai Sends 1-25 images of hentai Members
f!autotrap Sends 1-25 images of traps Members
f!bdsm Sends hentai bdsm pics Members
f!blowjob Sends a blowjob Members
f!boobs Self Explanatory Members
f!classic Sends classic hentai Members
f!cum Sends cum pics Members
f!cumsluts Sends cumsluts Members
f!doujin Sends doujin pics Members
f!ero Sends ero Members
f!eroneko Sends ero nekos Members
f!femdom Sends femdom pics Members
f!foxgirl Sends foxgirl pics Members
f!futa Sends futa Members
f!gifs Sends nsfw gifs Members
f!hentai Sends hentai Members
f!hfeet Sends hentai feet gifs Members
f!holo Sends holo Members
f!hpussy Sends hentai pussy Members
f!keta Sends keta Members
f!kuni Sends kuni Members
f!lewd Sends lewd anime Members
f!lewdkemo Sends lewd kemo Members
f!maid Sends nsfw maid pics Members
f!nekogif Sends hentai neko gifs Members
f!netorare Sends netorare pics Members
f!panties Sends pantie pics Members
f!pussy Sends pussy pics Members
f!random Sends random hentai gifs Members
f!tentacles Sends uniform pics Members
f!thigh Sends thigh pics Members
f!tits Sends hentai tits Members
f!trap Sends a trap Members
f!uniform Sends uniform pics Members
f!yuri Sends yuri Members
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Name Description Accessible
f!bassboost Bass boosts the song in queue Members
f!connections Shows how many VC's the bot is connected to Members
f!loop Loops the queue Members
f!lyrics Shows lyrics for songs Members
f!move moves a song in the queue Members
f!music-quiz Try to guess which song is being played Members
f!nowplaying shows what song is currently playing Members
f!pause pauses the music Members
f!play plays music Members
f!playlist Shows your personal playlist which you can play & delete songs from. Members
f!queue Shows the queue of songs Members
f!remove skips a song Members
f!resume resumes the music Members
f!save Saves the current song Members
f!shuffle shuffles the queue Members
f!skip skips a song Members
f!skipto skips a song Members
f!soundboard Plays sounds from a soundboard Members
f!stop stops and disconnects bot Members
f!volume changes the bot's volume Members
f!youtube searches youtube Members
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Name Description Accessible
f!bio Sets the bio for your profile Members
f!footer Sets the footer on your profile Members
f!image Sets the image on your profile Members
f!profile Shows profiles of users Members
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Name Description Accessible
f!affiliates Provides information about affiliate devs/bots Members
f!afk Sets your afk for the server Members
f!avatar Gets yours or a persons avatar Members
f!badgeinfo Shows all information about the global badges Members
f!botstatus Displays the bot's and website status Members
f!channelinfo Gets information on the channel Members
f!channels Shows all the channels in the guild Members
f!discordjs Uses Discord.js api to search for results on it Members
f!discrim Shows users across the whole client with the same discriminator as you or one you pick Members
f!editsnipe Snipe the last edited message in the channel Members
f!guildstatus Displays every single user's status Members
f!help Displays all commands that the bot has. Members
f!info Shows bots info Members
f!invite Invites (bot & server) Members
f!invites Shows top 10 inviters on the server Members
f!membercount get server member/bot count Members
f!members Shows user in that specific role Members
f!msgsearch gets a message by its content Members
f!npm shows 5 npm modules Members
f!perms Shows permissions for that user Members
f!ping get bots ping Members
f!pypi Searches pypi for packages Members
f!reactsnipe Snipe the last reacted message in the channel Members
f!remind Reminds you to do something Members
f!reply Replies to the message by ID Members
f!roleinfo show information about a role Members
f!serverinfo Gives the server information Members
f!shards Shows all statistics for every shard Members
f!snipe Snipe the last deleted message in the channel Members
f!suggest Makes a suggestion for the bot. Members
f!update Shows recent updates to the bot Members
f!uptime Shows uptime of the bot Members
f!usersearch Search for a user Members
f!vote Vote for the bot Members
f!voted Check if you voted for the bot or other users Members
f!whois User Information Members
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Name Description Accessible
f!addrole Adds a role to a member of the guild. Mods/Admins
f!ban bans a user from the server Mods/Admins
f!channelban bans a user from that specific channel Mods/Admins
f!createrole create a role in the server Mods/Admins
f!deafen deafens a user Mods/Admins
f!delchannel deletes a channel Mods/Admins
f!deleterole deletes a role in the server Mods/Admins
f!editrole Edits a role Mods/Admins
f!hackban ban a user that ain't in the server Mods/Admins
f!kick kicks a user from the server Mods/Admins
f!mute mutes a user Mods/Admins
f!purge purge messages (100 max) Mods/Admins
f!removerole remove a role from a user Mods/Admins
f!servermute servermutes a user Mods/Admins
f!slowmode add slowmode to a channel Mods/Admins
f!softban softbans a user in the server Mods/Admins
f!textchannel creates a text channel Mods/Admins
f!unban unban a user Mods/Admins
f!unchannelban unbans a user from that specific channel Mods/Admins
f!undeafen undeafens a user Mods/Admins
f!unmute unmute a user Mods/Admins
f!unservermute unservermutes a user Mods/Admins
f!voicechannel creates a voice channel Mods/Admins
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You can set the modlog using f!modlog command. You can turn on the database for the server with command f!config and using the command in the Configuration section to set the logs.
Log Name Description
Guild Bans Detects any bans in the server.
Removed Guild Bans Detects for any removed bans in the server.
Member Join Detects users joining the server.
Member Leaving Detects users leaving the server.
Member Update Detects if a user updated their account.
Role Creation Detects roles being created in the server.
Role Deletion Detects any roles being deleted.
Role Updated Detects any role being updated.
Emoji Update Detects if a emoji was updated.
Emoji Delete Detects if an emoji was deleted.
Emoji Create Detects if an emoji was created.
Channel Create Detects if a channel was created.
Channel Delete Detects if a channel was deleted.
Message Delete Detects if a message was deleted.
Message Update Detects all messages being edited.