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Name Description Usage
f!autobot f!autobot [role ping | ID]
f!autorole f!autorole [role ping | ID]
f!autodel Deletes all the automative roles f!autodel [yes]
f!config Configures the database for that guild f!config
f!configdel Deletes the database for that guild f!configdel
f!deletelogs Deletes all logging in database f!deletelogs
f!prefix Sets the guild's prefix for that guild f!prefix [prefix]
f!setchanlog Sets the channel where logging for channels will display f!setchanlog [channel ping]
f!setguildlog Sets the channel where it logs everything guild related f!setguildlog [channel ping]
f!setmodlog Sets the channel where moderation commands will log f!setmodlog [channel ping]
f!setmsglog Sets the channel where message logging displays f!setmsglog
f!settings Shows all configuration displayed f!settings
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Name Description Usage
f!8ball 8ball decides your fait f!8ball [text]
f!trumptweet Shows text as trump sent it f!trumptweet [text]
f!synonyms Looks for other words that mean the same as the on provided f!synonyms [word]
f!cat Sends a cat picture f!cat
f!advice Gives helpful advice f!advice
f!dankmeme Sends dankmemes f!dankmeme
f!bitcoin Shows the stock for the US and EU for bitcoin price f!bitcoin
f!flip Flips your text f!flip [text]
f!gamer Tells you how much a gamer yo uare f!gamer [user or yourself]
f!gayrate Rates how gay you are f!gayrate [user or yourself]
f!meme Shows a meme in chat f!meme
f!mock Mocks the text you put f!mock [text]
f!neko Sends a image of a neko f!neko
f!penisrate Shows how long your penis could be ;) f!penisrate [user mention]
f!quote Sends a random quote f!quote
f!rate Rates you or a text f!rate [user or text]
f!yomamma Tells a yomamma joke to the selected user f!yomamma [user ping, user name, or user id]
f!revtext Revereses your text you input f!revtext [any text]
f!roll Rolls a random number f!roll [Dice Form exmaple: 2d20]
f!say The bot repeats your text f!say [text]
f!tenor Searches tendor for your text f!tenor [text]
f!urban Searches urban dictionary for your input f!urban [text]
f!weather Shows the weather for the certain area f!weather [example, example]
f!youtube Sends a link to the specific search f!youtube [search]
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Name Description Usage
f!achievement Makes your text into a minecraft Achievement f!achievement // f!achieve [text]
f!challenge Shows a image of a minecraft challenge f!challenge [text]
f!didyoumean Shows google correcting your text f!didyoumean [text]
f!amiajoke Are you a joke? f!amiajoke
f!supreme Supreme's your text f!supreme [text]
f!duck Shows a image of a duck f!duck
f!fox Shows image of a fox f!fox
f!impostor Shows user's name or text as impostor f!impostor or
f!innocent Shows user's name or text as innocent f!innocent or
f!floor Shows your image and text f!floor [text]
f!bongocat Sends a random bongocat image f!bongocat
f!shibe Shows a image of a shibe f!shibe
f!ph Shows text as the one in the hub ;) f!ph [text]
f!confused Sends aa confused image f!confused
f!cry Sends a crying image f!cry
f!headbang Shows a headbanging image f!headbang
f!icon Shows the server's icon/picture f!icon
f!laugh Shows a laughing image f!laugh
f!magic Shows you some *Magic* f!maigc
f!lizard Shows a image of an Lizard f!lizard
f!reverse Reverses the situation f!reverse
f!shocked Shows a shocked image f!shocked
f!neko Shows a cute neko! f!neko
f!owo Shows random OwO images f!owo
f!twirl Shows a twirl image f!twirl
f!wink Shows a winking image f!wink
f!triggered Shows an image of you triggered f!triggered
f!wallpaper Shows a random wallpaper for your pc f!wallpaper
f!fox Shows a fox image which is cute of course f!fox
f!duck Shows a duck image which is cute of course f!duck
f!bird Shows a bird image which is cute of course f!bird
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Name Description Usage
f!boop Boops the mentioned user f!boop [mention]
f!pat Pats the mentioned user f!pat [mention]
f!hug Hugs the mentioned user, gratefully f!hug [mention]
f!kiss Kisses the mentioned user, passionately f!kiss [mention]
f!nou Tells mentioned user NO U! f!nou [mention]
f!ship Ships you and someone else together f!ship [mention]
f!shutup Tells mentioned user to shutup f!shutup [mention]
f!slap Slaps the mentioned user f!slap [mention]
f!kill Kills the mentioned user f!kill [mention]
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Name Description Usage
f!anal Shows anal gif/picture f!anal
f!cum Shows hentai characters cumming f!cum
f!bdsm Shows hentai characters in BDSM positions f!bdsm
f!cumarts Shows art made with cum f!cumarts
f!doujin Shows hentai doujin images f!doujin
f!femdom Shows dominant females hentai f!femdom
f!foxgirl Shows hentai fox girls f!foxgirl
f!gifs Shows hentai gifs f!gifs
f!maid Shows hentai maids f!maid
f!nekogif Shows lewd neko gifs f!nekogif
f!netorare Shows hentai netorares f!netorare
f!panties Shows hentai panties f!panties
f!pussy Shows IRL pussy f!pussy
f!random Shows random hentai images f!random
f!tentacles Shows hentai tentacles f!tentacles
f!thigh Shows lewd anime thighs f!thigh
f!uniform Shows hentai wearing uniforms f!uniform
f!cumsluts Sends cum slut hentai f!cumsluts
f!eroneko Sends ero neko hentai f!eroneko
f!hentaifeet Sends images of hentai feet f!hentaifeet
f!holo Sends images of hentai holo f!holo
f!hpussy Sends hentai pussy images f!hpussy
f!nekogif Sends lewd neko gifs f!nekogif
f!pussyart Sends images of pussy arts f!pussyarts
f!random Sends random hentai images f!random
f!ass Sends a ass gif/picture f!ass
f!blowjob Sends a blowjob gif/picture f!blowjob // f!bj
f!boobs Sends a boobs gif/picture f!boobs
f!classic Sends a classic hentai gif/picture f!classic
f!ero Sends skimmy hentai gif/picture f!ero
f!futa Sends a chick with a dick hentai gif/picture f!futa
f!hentai Sends a regular hentai gif/picture f!hentai
f!keta Sends small hentai gif/pictures f!keta
f!kuni Sends a eating out gif/picture f!kuni
f!lewd Sends a lewd hentai gif/picture f!lewd
f!trap Sends a trap hentai gif/picture f!trap
f!yuri Sends anime hentai gif/picture f!yuri
f!autohentai Sends 5 images of hentai f!autohentai
f!autotrap Sends 5 images of traps f!autotrap
f!lewdkemo Sends a lewd kemo image f!lewdkemo
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Name Description Usage
f!leaderboard Shows the leaderboard for hte guild f!leaderboard
f!lvlconfig Setups the guild to start leveling users f!lvlconfig
f!lvldel Deletes the database for the server f!lvldel
f!lvlsettings Shows all configuration in the database f!lvlsettings
f!setchannel Sets the channel where level messages will be displayed f!setchannel [channel ping]
f!setmsg Sets you to set the level message f!setmsg [level msg]
f!rank Shows your current rank and XP in the server f!rank [user]
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Name Description Usage
f!play Plays a song f!play [song name or url]
f!loop Loops the whole queue f!loop
f!playlist Plays a whole playlist from youtube or even a song by name f!playlist [playlist name] || [youtube playlist]
f!remove Removes a song from the queue f!remove [song number]
f!shuffle Shuffles the queue f!shuffle
f!skip Skips the current song f!skip
f!stop Stops the queue/playlist f!stop
f!resume Resumes to queue/playlist f!resume
f!queue Shows what's in the queue currently f!queue
f!pause Pauses the queue/playlist f!pause
f!np Shows current playing song name f!np
f!connections Shows how many voice channels the bot is connected to f!connections
f!volume Changes the volume for the bot f!volume [number]
f!lyrics Shows song lyrics for most songs f!lyrics
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Name Description Usage
f!avatar Sends a image of your avatar or someone else's f!avatar [yourself or user]
f!badgeinfo Shows all information on each global badge f!badgeinfo
f!botstatus Sends a link to the bot's and website's status page f!botstatus
f!channelinfo Gives information on a channel name f!channelinfo [channel name]
f!config Shows the configuration settings within the bot f!config
f!help Sends the help message f!help
f!info Shows general information about the bot f!info
f!invite Gives invite for the bot f!invite
f!usersearch Searches the whole client for the ID or a user in the guild f!usersearch [mention] | [ID] | [name]
f!membercount Shows the server's membercount f!membercount
f!perms Shows permissions of a user f!perms [ping user] || [user's name]
f!ping Shyows the ping the bot has currently f!ping
f!roleinfo Shows information on role f!roleinfo [role name]
f!serverinfo Shows information on the server f!serverinfo
f!guildstatus Shows all members offline, online, idle, and on DnD f!guildstatus
f!setup Shows what is needed to use the bot for moderation f!setup
f!suggest Sends the suggestion to the Support Server f!suggest [suggestion]
f!update Shows updates the developer has made this month or so f!update
f!uptime Shows uptime on the bot f!uptime
f!vote Sends a link to vote for the bot and get NSFW access for 12 hours f!vote
f!whois Shows information on pinged user f!whois [user or yourself]
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Name Description Usage
f!ban Bans a user f!ban [mention] [reason]
f!addrole Adds a role to a user f!addrole [ping user] [role name]
f!hackban Bans a user by ID that isn't in the server f!hackban [user id]
f!help-mod Shows a brief help menu of some of the mod commands f!help-menu
f!slowmode Sets the channel's slowmode to how many seconds f!slowmode [seconds]
f!softban Quickly bans and unbans the user from the guild [softban] f!softban [user ping]
f!kick Kicks a user f!kick [mention] [reason]
f!hackban Hackban/Force ban a user f!hackban [user id] [reason]
f!addrole Adds a role to a user f!addrole // f!ar [user] [role]
f!createrole Creates a role for the server f!createrole // f!cr [role name]
f!deafen Deafens a user in a voice channel f!deafen [user]
f!delchannel Deletes a channel by name f!delcahnnel // f!dc [channel name]
f!deleterole Deletes a role from the server f!deleterole // f!dr [role name]
f!dm Dm's a user your message f!dm [user] [message]
f!mute Mutes a user from texting f!mute [user] [reason]
f!purge Purges the chat of messages f!purge [number]
f!removerole Removes a role from a user f!romoverole // f!rr [user] [role name]
f!servermute Server mutes a server in a voice channel f!servermute // f!smute [user]
f!unban Unbans a user from the server f!unban [user id}
f!undeafen Undeafens a user in a voice channel f!undeafen [user]
f!unmute Unmutes a user in text channels f!unmute [user] [reason]
f!unservermute Unservermutes a user in a voice channel f!unservermute // f!unsmute [user]
f!warn Warns a user f!warn [user] [reason]
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You can set the modlog using f!setmodlog command. You can set the logging for the guild using f!config command
Log Name Description
Guild Bans Detects any bans in the server.
Removed Guild Bans Detects for any removed bans in the server.
Member Join Detects users joining the server.
Member Leaving Detects users leaving the server.
Member Update Detects if a user updated their account.
Role Creation Detects roles being created in the server.
Role Deletion Detects any roles being deleted.
Role Updated Detects any role being updated.
Emoji Update Detects if a emoji was updated.
Emoji Delete Detects if an emoji was deleted.
Emoji Create Detects if an emoji was created.
Channel Create Detects if a channel was created.
Channel Delete Detects if a channel was deleted.
Message Delete Detects if a message was deleted.
Message Update Detects all messages being edited.